New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

Worship with us

Sundays 9:30 AM

Higher Art Gallery

126 Union St.

​​New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

PO Box 5152

Traverse City, MI 49696.

As part of our commitment to lifelong learning and transformational personal growth, New Waves offers small group studies at times that are convenient on topics that are relevant.

Some ideas include; Bible studies that illuminate its relevance, social justice issues, spiritual practices for a more grounded life, books on faith and life topics, etc. What is your passion? What would you like to know more about?

Do you have a couple friends who would like to gather and learn with you? Would you like to host a lunch meeting at work once a week? Is early morning coffee your best time or after hours with a glass of wine once a month?

Just like going to the gym to keep your body healthy, getting together with a small group for spiritual conversation keeps your faith lively!

Use the Contact Us button to join a small group or share your ideas with us.