New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

Worship with us

Sundays 9:30 AM

Higher Art Gallery

126 Union St.

​​New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

PO Box 5152

Traverse City, MI 49696.

​​​​​ We give because God has given so abundantly to us.  

Donate online to help New Waves UCC achieve our bold and gutsy vision of starting a vital and sustainable, progressive Christian spiritual community of faith that welcomes and embraces all people in the Traverse City, Michigan region.

New Waves UCC needs your support.  

Here's how you can help:  CONTRIBUTE any amount that you can donate.

All contributions are tax deductible.

All gifts will be matched 2 for 1.

Your gift of $1000, $100, or $10 automatically becomes $3,000, $300, or $30.

OUR IMMEDIATE NEEDS--Volunteers to join our Launch Team.  

But, beyond that we also need:

*Office supplies

*Marketing materials
*Laptop computer for the pastor
*Software for record keeping
*Gasoline to keep the pastor's car on the road

*Assistance with special events - speaker honorarium, space rental
*Support for full time pastor's salary
*Seminar and Conference expenses

A multi purpose building to house staff, office space, and meeting space on the 20 acres that we already own on Bugai Road northwest of Traverse City.

​If you want your gift to be used in a special way, let us know and we will restrict it as you wish. Otherwise, we will use it where it is most needed at the time that it is received. You may be assured that we will spend it carefully and wisely.

Thank you for any and all ways in which you chose to assist New Waves UCC.

You can be confident of our commitment to responsible fiscal management and oversight.  

Blessings as you travel your unique spiritual journey,

New Waves UCC Launch Team