New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

​​New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

PO Box 5152

Traverse City, MI 49696.

​​​​​​​​​About Us

New Waves UCC is a progressive Christian community in our first year in Traverse City, Michigan. Being the "new church on the block," we are just getting started.   

We intentionally welcome all into full participation of our ministry--especially those who may have felt excluded from more traditional churches, including the LGBTQ community.  We offer same gender weddings in Traverse City.

Our history as part of the United Church of Christ goes back to early advocacy for religious freedom, the abolition of slavery and the ordination of women.  

We strive to offer Jesus' message of hope, healing and wholeness and to champion causes such as caring for all creation, justice, peace, reconciliation and attention to the vulnerable. 

We believe God has uniquely gifted each person, and we seek to share our gifts with others in community.