New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

​​​​​​​New Waves UCC is a progressive Christian faith community in Traverse City, Michigan.

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome into full participation of our ministry.

Our mission is 3 great loves:  love of creation, love of neighbor, and love of children.   We advocate for the most vulnerable among us, seeking to be a voice for the voiceless.   

We offer Jesus' all encompassing message of hope, healing and wholeness.  In our ministries, we focus on justice for the planet, living in peace in spite of differences, and growing our community by sharing our gifts generously.

The history of the United Church of Christ goes back to early advocacy for religious freedom, the abolition of slavery, the ordination of women and celebration of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

The inclination of the UCC is to be an ally. We are a merger of 4 denominations rather than a splitting apart of 1 denomination. We are always looking for opportunities to align our ministry with like-minded organizations.

Why the picture of the farm field?  This is our future! Imagine the possibilities!

Generous and forward thinking visionaries believe Traverse City needs a progressive faith community and purchased land near M-72 and Bugai Rd, just west of town.  Currently, we are evaluating potential uses for this property including affordable/workforce housing, a small farm and organic gardens, as well as a multi-use facility that can house our ministries.

Meet with Pastor Jody to see how you can be involved!


Worship with us

Sundays 9:30 AM

Higher Art Gallery

126 Union St.

​​New Waves United Church of Christ in Traverse City

PO Box 5152

Traverse City, MI 49696.